All of our products are manufactured in the U.S.

Gabriel Stalnaker started designing clothing in 2008. He then started Fplusplus LLC in 2011. His products are geared towards rock climbers, because he loves to climb, but they can be used by anyone. F++ stands for gaining something from failure, which happens a lot in rock climbing. Gabriel designed about 100 different shirts until he chose his favorite, he then revised that design 5 times until he felt it was good enough. He then contacted a manufacturer in the US to help him make the first shirt. It then took an entire year just to get the shirt pattern right. This is because the fabric is thick and soft and the shirt design is complex. Everything from the fabric to the final product is made in the US. It is made out of soft 100% heavy weight cotton jersey fabric that he had custom made and custom dyed in the US. Once the shirt pattern was made, Gabriel started looking at other products that he could design as well. He wanted to offer high quality and useful products that were made in the US. He designed a water bottle, and a chalk bag. He also launched a Kickstarter campaign where he got the backing of Garuka Bars and Climb On! He then worked with Terry Lee Renner to design and build a custom knife.


The CTS shirt is 100% preshrunk cotton fabric. This jersey shirt has solid weight to it as well as being soft and comfortable to wear. The fabric was manufactured, dyed, and then assembled into the final shirt in the US. Because the fabric is so soft, it took almost 1 year to get the pattern right for this design.

Chalk bag

F++ Chalk bags are made in the US. They are large, durable, and extremely well made bags. This design is made with different types of vinyl. The light green hard shell vinyl under the logo on the bag has reflective silver particles in it to increase visibility.

Water bottle

F++ water bottles are made in the US. These bottles are made from recycled aluminum which is then coated in a BPA free plastic lining. The design is applied to the bottle with Cylindrically Digital printing. Cylindrical Digital Printing is the most advance method of putting graphics on bottles. This process on this bottle creates a raised, textured design on top of a black matte.


This knife was designed and handmade by Terry Lee Renner in the US. The sheath and handle is made of Black Micarta. The blade is made of CPM-154 Stainless steel. The F++ logo is laser engraved onto a piece of titanium on the sheath. It may take more than a year to receive your knife, as he makes each knife to order.

Sizing and construction

The shirts are made from a high quality cotton, jersey fabric. It has solid weight to it but is very soft as well. The fabric has been preshrunk to make fitting much easier even though it costs more to manufacture. The fabric was dyed and then cut. Part of the cutting process uses lasers to cut down on the seams while keeping the fabric uniform. Once the fabric was cut, then it had to be sewn together piece by piece to form the shirt. There is a small 3”x3” logo on the back between the shoulder-blades. The label with care instructions is printed directly to the inside of the shirt for comfort. The shirt is cut in athletic fit so the shoulders are a bit wider than the waist. Please note, the shirts sometimes vary from the sizes listed below.

The sizes are as follows:
Small = Chest:38 Waist: 37
Medium = Chest:40 Waist: 39
Large = Chest:42 Waist: 41